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Reuma - Artisan jewellery with an archaic magic

Reuma’s beautiful gallery is based on 50 Ibin Gvirol Street in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. Once inside, each item of jewellery is displayed on brushed sea pebbles like an artefact each with its own story to tell.

Her collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
Inspired by nature, archaeology and natural object forms, each artefact is a one-off piece created by instinct and inspired by experimentation with combinations of materials.
Reuma is on a constant search to find that special something authentic to create into a beautifully handcrafted setting or wearable form.

Her pieces have a strong raw quality to them designed to preserve the beauty of the elements she uses whether they be sparkling gold and silver stones, precious gems, ancient coins and pastel hued pearls in their natural unpolished forms complimented with contrasting textures of leather, gold, silver and other high quality materials.

Reuma captures and incorporates elements of the past or nature by embedding them in her works to interact with the wearer to create dialogue and intrigue.

About Reuma


Reuma’s dream was always to own her own gallery and fill her days with the magic of expressing herself creatively through jewellery.

She does not create pieces based moulds for mass-made purposes and nor is she ruled by fashion trends. She does not believe in the touch of a machine but rather the touch of her hand and is fascinated with the imperfect beauty nature offers.

Rather, it’s her fascination with the mystic of the old, ancient and magical artefacts whether they be coins, stones, gems or glass that draw her need to stamp their history into a wearable work of art.

Most of her styles are delicate studies… feminine and flattering focussing on organic design that sits beautifully when worn with bold simplicity. Reuma takes great pleasure in the careful consideration that she pours into each piece, sometimes with hours of planning involved and sometimes, allowing the piece to evolve as she creates it.

Reuma is always searching for little treasures to embed and capture in her jewellery. When she is not doing that she works in her studio treating each piece like a work of art to be refined until the design is complete.…hammering and soldering silver and gold into organic shapes complete with special touches of shimmering pastel coloured pearls, diamonds and precious stones ancient coins.

Contrasting mediums such as leather, gold and crystals are fused together to give each piece its own distinct aesthetic.

Customised orders are welcome

If you have a special stone or gem or other artefact that you wish to have transformed into a wearable work of art, Reuma would be happy to work with you to ensure it is the perfect peice.

The gift of personalised jewellery is also a beautiful way to connect with someone to cherish.

Reuma’s jewellery is often chosen for bartmitvah gifts, wedding gifts or someone special in your life.

To make an order or enquire call Reuma on  + 972 3 6965173.

You can also email orders and requests to .